How high?

Does anyone know which SDMB thread has the highest number of replies?

I consider myself fairly new here but I’d bet there is one thread somewhere out there with around 1000 replies. I’ve never seen one with over 500. Is there some sort of limit?

Do a search for “guy stuff”, it had quite a few pages of replies. Do be careful reading it though.

There’s actually a thread devoted to this. It takes “Guy Stuff” into consideration and it was the longest non-GD thread by far. There were a handful of God debates that got really long and a few quasi-threads that were broken up every 200 posts or so back on the old software. When you add up those part 1, part 2, part 3…threads they beat out Guy Stuff IIRC. I’m pretty sure nothing has come close since that thread I mention was created.

Does anyone know what ever happened to the “most stubborn doper” thread?

Ooops. Hope I didn’t spoil someone’s plan…

One I started a long time back, some of these are work investigating. But Guy Stuff makes this list look pretty antiquated.

Slythe closed that baby. Thank God.

If I’m not mistaken, the SDMB Bar Fight thread went quite a bit over 500. But that’s only one of the highest I know of in MPSIMS. I’m sure debates and IMHO’s have gone on for longer. But I’m just heading to bed, and am too tired to look. :slight_smile:

Damn, and here I thought this was another thread to share our drug experiences.

The problem with GD is that after a certain length they tend to be locked and opened up as a second parter. That’s why you have some religion ones going into part 3 and so forth. I don’t know if that counts, since technically they are seperate threads.

“Very Vaguely Creepy” is insanely long now.