Longest thread?

What was/is the longest thread ever on SDMB? Could it be: GQ: Are scalar weapons for real?

Were there any pre-crash humongous threads?

There was a huge thread about what would happen if other authors were to write the works of JRR Tolkien. That thread got mentioned on Slashdot, and so we got slashdotted. The servers held up astoundingly well (that is, they weren’t reduced to puddles of slag).

Back a long time ago (before my time), there was a thread called Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share. There’s a forum called that now, which gives you a hint how popular the thread was.

I think the infamous “a” thread still holds the record.

“Guy Stuff” was pretty darn long, but it’s been surpassed.

The “a” thread has 5337 replies over 107 pages.

If you go to the bottom of each forum, you can sort the posts by the number of replies and see the top 20 longest threads for each forum.

I’ll move this thread to ATMB since this is a question about this message board.

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Here’s the list as it stood at May 2003: What SDMB thread had the most replies ever?. If someone wants to update it, please feel free.

So, it ain’t this thread? Dang.

so who started the thread that gave its name a hole forum?

Well seeing how this tread was swept into the closet, we won’t have to worry about too many posts here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info folks.

MPSIMS has several current threads longer than the 1920s Style Death Ray Thread.

Song Title Game - 2407 posts

Oh, My Freaking God! (Looong!) - 2336 posts

Predict The Next Poster! - 2137 posts

Word Association Thread! - 1895 posts

Quote… …unquote game - 1382 posts

The hijack game. win absolutely nothing but your insanity… - 1341 posts

Question and Answer thread - 1189 posts

Good news/bad news – game - 1084 posts

Surreal continuing story: walking through doors and passageways - 828 posts

The consecutive number game - 813 posts

DC Lunch Bunch - 745 posts

I didn’t link, 'cause you can find them all on the front page of MPSIMS right now. No need to enrage the ham§sters.

How long did that “What if someone else wrote The Lord of the Rings?” thread finally get?

2021 replies as of this moment. Last post added was on September 8, 2003.

[defending the LotR thread]
On the other hand, most of the high-post-count MPSIMS threads weigh in at about a line or two per post, while half of the posts in the LotR authorship thread (the ones adding submissions, not the “wow that’s really good” ones) can get to a full screen. So I suspect that the LotR thread is still longest, in terms of word count.
[/defending the LotR thread]

We’ll see about that! Using the printer-friendly version…

**Thread Name      replies  filesize(kb)  word count**
a                   5338     1049        120419
Song Titles         2491      411         36698
OMFG!               2395     2058        123990
Next Poster         2211      702         77218
LotR                2022     3489        403595
Word Association    2016      207         19071