how old were you the first time you saw adult genitalia?

And was it traumatic or confusing?
The first time I saw an adult penis was when I walked in on my parents during fore play. I was about 3, and it wasn’t traumatic. I just remember thinking "hmmm, watcha got there daddy?"

I had seen my mom, aunts, older cousins nude as far back as I can remember, but not what they had hidden underneath.
My dad had an elderly aunt that had some puppies she wanted me to see when I was 5. I saw more than her puppies that day! :eek:
In her defense, it was a hot day and country people didn’t have air conditioning back then, atleast I hope she didn’t go pantyless all the time . We were outside on the porch, it was one of those high porches and I was afraid the puppies were going to tumble down the steps. So I started carrying them down into the yard. My dad and Auntie D were in the porch swing that faced the yard. She was wearing a housedress. I looked up to tell them something and WHOA! Did I get an eyefull. It confused me at first, I thought maybe she’d been in a farming accident.

Thanks. I almost choked on a piece of pork after laughing at that!

I was 5, and walked into the bathroom just as my father was getting out of the shower. My eyes must have bugged out, and I turned around and ran back to my room, shocked at that…that…thing I had just seen.

I remember wondering if that’s why my parents told me to eat my vegetables so I’d grow up big and strong.

I didn’t retain a vivid enough image of it - thank goodness - that I could relate to adult knowledge as to whether he was well hung or not, but compared to my 5-year old schween at the time, he may as well have been Secretariat.

I’d have to say I was about eight or nine. I’ll never forget the moment either. Apparently my father had not hid his pornographic videos very well (or at all) and, being the curious kid, I popped it into the VCR with great anticipation at what I might find.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw everyone sans clothes and in very creative positions. I watched in wonder as they tried things I’ve never even contemplated before.

Henceforth, I’d sneak into the TV room any chance I could (usually early in the morning before school) and get my daily dose of something that was new yet very pleasing to look at to me.

It all ended when I later felt bad at all the sneaking around and fessed up to my dad that I had been doing that.

Adult genitalia has nothing on the weirdness of child genitalia. My sister was changing one of her kids once and I thought, “Whoa, what the hell happened to him?”

Then I realized it was my niece she was changing. :smack:

I can’t remember the first time. Both of my parents would walk around the house nude quite often. Lots of parties/celebrations/community events in my rural and hippy-esque hometown involved skinny dipping in the Mattole River by all ages, shapes, and sizes. It was never traumatic.

The first time I ever saw an adult male naked was when I was a freshman in high school. Our cross country team was on a bus ride to a meet, and this guy drove up next to our bus. Pantsless. And whackin it. Some of the girls made a huge deal of it, laughing and pointing and carrying on, and so he followed us for quite a while. I felt pretty ill after seeing him. We called the police, he was caught, and we later learned that his wife left him (good for her).

The person I saw was not an adult by the legal definition but it was safe to say they had gone through most of puberty, this boy about 15 or 16 years old, who used to live next to us had taken me to the pool and I was in 1st or 2nd grade I didn’t see him while we were changing clothes but when we used the urinals side by side I saw his genitals and they looked giant and hairy to me…my only thought was** “wow”. **

I don’t remember the time I first saw my dad’s genitals, but since he would often lie on his bed naked after showering, I saw them fairly often. I thought nothing of it.

Alas, I have yet to see a real live adult female’s genitals. :frowning: :smiley:

Gay pride day, at the age of three, both sexes. I used to live right in the centre of Toronto’s biggest gay/lesbian area. That was quite interesting.

I don’t remember, as I will have been very young. My parents sometimes walk around nude first thing on a morning.

Male: About nine or ten, changing into swimsuits at the pool. My dad. Not particularly traumatizing.

Female: 18. University women’s dorm at the National Music Camp, Interlochen, MI (“There was this one time, at band camp…”). Not traumatic at all, but definitely something I’ll always remember…

I never saw a naked person until my first sexual experience at 19. Aside from the two or three other experiences I had until I got married at 37, and then my wife, I have never seen another naked adult in person.

Y’all can include the first time you saw them in pictures, movies etc.

When I was young, my dad and I would take showers together, so I saw him naked plenty of times. However, the first time I saw a naked woman in real life was probably when I was five or six years old.

My mom dragged me to this salon where she was getting her nails done. I was bored so I had wandered off. Now aparently this place also had tanning booths or something, because there were these stalls in the back. I was curious so I peeked underneath to see what was on the other side. Inside the stall I saw a woman strip naked :eek: and climb into this machine. I was confused, excited, and scared all at the same time. My mom saw me and screamed at me to stop staring, which just made me even more confused.

My mom really went out of her way to make sure I never saw a nude female body after that. I never understood what the big deal was. In retrospect, I figured if she downplayed it, I would lose interest more than trying so hard to shield me from it, which just made me obsessed about it.

All during my childhood I was living with my grandparents (up until 11 or thereabouts) and my grandfather would routinely play with his nuts/equipment for the whole world to see. He’d get home, get into his giant red moomoo and lay on his bed for the evening. Any time someone would go to see him or ask him about something he’d be playing with his nuts. He wasn’t masterbating or anything like that and he would stop when someone entered the room-but he made no attempt to hide this behavior.

I’ve seen my father naked for as long as I can recall. We only had one bathroom and if I had to go when he was in the bath tub, well, I was going.

I didn’t see a naked woman (a picture) until I was 8 or so. The first naked woman I saw in the flesh was my girlfriend, when I was 17.

I don’t remember this, but I’ve been told that when I was little (3 or 4 ish I think) I walked in the bathroom after my dad had just gotten out of the shower. Upon seeing his parts, I pointed and said: “Daddy, what’s that?” Apparently it was more traumatic for him than for me. I was young and naive, so I didn’t think there was anything to be embarassed about.
My mother was never shy about changing around me when I was little (or older for that matter) So I couldn’t tell you about the first time I saw female genitalia…

I’ve never been that curious about my body. :wink:

I remember showering with my Mother at least until five or six, my perception of female stuff was ‘like mine, but with hair’ basically.

Growing up with Grampa Pedophile, I can’t remember ever not knowing what male genitalia looked like.

I think these posters should specify what gender THEY are.It might make for a lot less disturbing posts :smiley:

well in my mind anyway…