How on earth did I ever live without Wi-Fi?

So Ms. Undhow has been making regular business trips to Tennessee, staying at a hotel offering Wi-Fi access. Since her work-issued laptop lacked built-in Wi-Fi, and because she’d like to be able to check her email without dialing in, we decide to traipse off to Best Buy to get her a wireless card, and while we’re at it – what the hell, a wireless router for the Undow homestead as well.

Holy shit. I never realized how cool this could be.

I am posting this while laying on the couch, propped up with pillows, with my work-issued laptop (and Wi-fi ready) on my lap. I’ve got the TV on, and am flipping channels at my leisure. Ms. Undhow is sitting at the end of the couch reading a book. I am a short dash away from the fridge, and thus from leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich goodness. It’s raining and cold outside, so I’m not going outside for anything. Life is good.

Earlier this morning I checked my email and read newspapers on the web while eating cereal at the breakfast table.

Contra to the way it was before, where I’d have to be upstairs, more or less isolated, and sitting at an uncomfortable desk if I wanted to do anything online. This is totally fantastic. Living in a wired-only world now seems so…barbaric.

That is all. Totally mundane and pointless, but I just had to share.

(And before you ask: we went ahead and got a G router, and yes, I have WEP encryption turned on.)

I’ve always wondered how wireless at remote places (like a coffee shop or hotel) allow you to connect to your ISP? Does it function just like a phone line except without a phone?

I took my laptop in to work and the wireless connection built in to the system worked with the wireless stuff at the office to allow me to connect to their networks, but I don’t think I could have checked mail (POP mail anyway). It was still neat.

I too got tired of having to come in to the office from the living room to check email or web sites. I wanted something right by the TV for checking football stats (I play fantasy football) or for looking something up when the TV show piqued my interest. I was going to go wireless but I already had a wired router. Being a cheap bastage I just decided to run a 50 foot ethernet cable from the router in my office to the couch in the living room. It’s not quite as good as wireless, but it works for me! :slight_smile:

Desks are for fools… or anyone who’s working. It being that most of my time on the web is spent on leisure, I like to be in a comfortable place. About a year ago, I convinced my folks to buy a wireless router and some cards for everyone (that’s four cards). Even my mom was hooked. I use WiFi at school, in the coffee shop and at my dad’s place. The palce were I live while going to school however has no WiFi… it does, however, have a 50 ft ethernet cable :slight_smile: I love WiFi and I’m looking into buying one for my college appartment soon.

Oh and to answer Fredge’s question. coffee shops and hotels usually have an open network, you just plug in and Windows XP does the rest. They automatically assign you an IP Adress and hook you up to their own network, which is hooked up to the worldwide network. :slight_smile:

Some places are now giving out passwrods that change daily and only give them out with a purchase. You just access the WiFi menu in Windows, choose WEP enabled, punch in the encryption code and boom, you’re online.

I’m assuming mac works kinda the same way.

The stuff works today and it beats stringing cable throughout the house.

We started with a first-generation 2.4GHz card from HomeFree (Diamond Multimedia) and it wasn’t a treat – we were on the bleeding edge.

It would do file sharing; we had to update the printer driver to do print sharing; it wouldn’t share the modem. When we changed from Win95 to Win98 several years ago, the HomeFree software crashed the whole system, so we took it down.

We too have WiFi 802.11G – it shares the high-speed modem well but Microsoft’s made a hash of file and print sharing. It’s nice because with two adults and a teen, often there are two people who want to use the Internet at the same time.

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i already have my house hooked up to wireless so I already enjoy it at home. but i’m visting london and i’m staying in a bed and breakfast in greenwich. run net stumbler, and presto instant internet access (really fast probably cable modem). sweet.