How or where can I download the last episode to a TV show I like? Prison Break....

Yes, I’m a cheapy…I was wondering if there is anywhere I can download the last episode to Prison break… I was on a website called Torrentz or something like that… but I had to sign up for it and it cost $12. I was also on TV now which actually looked pretty good… but I was unsure if I’d be able to download the right episode, and if so if I would be able to to copy the episode onto a DVD to bring with me on vaca this weekend… Does anyone have any ideas??? Is this something that could actually be done.


Phlosphr, please do not ask where to illegally obtain copyrighted materials.

mr. jp, please do not provide links to or advise how people illegally can get a hold of copyrighted material. (And by “illegal,” I refer to United States copyright law. I see you’re from Denmark, so I thought I’d throw that in there.)