How plausible is it that Linda Carty should not have been sentenced to death?

As a continuation from my earlier thread in which it was decided that Carty was guilty, should she have been sentenced to death (or should she be put to death) by “Texan standards”?

There is some information about the case in links from that thread, but three other links that you may find useful:

[ul][li]Guardian article about how her defending attorney has had many clients put to death - and general problems with the case[]One of many appeal court rulings against her[]Information about the case from anti-death penalty organisation reprieve - this has already been showen to be misleading with respect to her guilt which now seems clear, but the anti-death penalty aspect seems their main focus. [/li][/ul]

Sorry man but she is going to die. This is Harris County Texas and I live here. I am anti DP but here if you murder someone and you have dark skin or are poor, you die by the drip. It is not fair shouldn’t be legal but Prosecutors are elected here and you don’t win elections here without being very pro DP. That is just the way the ball bounces, in fact the Guardian article gets it best,
Harris County 1.5% of US population 10% of death row inmates, not a pretty picture is it?


As requested in the OP’s other thread:

Well, I don’t think you have to be a real strong death penalty advocate to agree that murdering a woman so you can kidnap her baby should be a capital crime.

I realize some people argue that there shouldn’t be capital punishment for any crime. Fair enough. But I don’t see any reason why Linda Carty should be singled out as being especially undeserving of the death penalty. There are plenty of people on death row whose cases are a lot more questionable than hers.