Texas bashing

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It was the Texas criminal justice system that functioned properly in overturning the conviction. His testimony would have been allowed in any state; he is an expert witness. Or was one, because I imagine his career is down the toilet now.

It’s just you. I don’t think PPD is more common in Texas than anywhere else, and believe it or not, we really don’t ignore symptoms of mental illness. Unless you’re Rusty Yates, but that’s a different issue.

Answer for what? What in the world makes you think Texans don’t place a high value on human life?

After reading your response, one can only conclude that you have a boner on for Texas and Texans. Is it sour-grapes jealousy of us or what?

I can’t/won’t speak for KellyM but there are some facts about Texas that are quite disturbing.


There was also the death sentence of 17 year old Napoleon Beazly.

Or when Texas executed a man said to be mentally retarded.

It doesn’t seem to me that Texas’ justice has been a bright beacon when it comes to a high value on human life.

I can’t speak for clothahump, but I see a big difference between the value of innocent citizens (who KellyM was referring to) and convicted murderers.

I happen to believe that it’s pointless to lock someone up for their entire life, and agree with the death penalty for that reason. Does that mean I have a low value of innocent lives?

Read the following excerpt from Amnesty International’s report on Texas entitled The Death Penalty in Texas: Lethal Injustice

There’s a lot more going on in Texas too, also from the link:

A 17 year old who stole a car and killed a man.

He was competent enough to kidnap a young woman, then rape and stab her to death.

Whether you think the death penalty is right or wrong, neither of those men above seemed to place a very high value on human life either.

Nope, they didn’t, nor would I claim to ever defend their actions. However a non-retarded adult should be able to react without playing “Eye for an Eye”. And so should the Texas government.

And you value it so deeply you … wait, no. You reduced each man’s life to one sentence.

The unexamined life is not worth living … indeed.

Has any other state in the last 20 years had something like what happened at Tulia, Texas, and been as slow to rectify once it became apparent that a gross misscarriage justice had been perpetrated?

Here’s the story about the Tulia 46 in case anyone missed it.

Bite me. You kidnap somebody, then rape and kill her? If you do that, you don’t deserve to live anymore.

You’re the one with the life-a-sentence summary skills, so I guess you get to decide…

What say you about that?

That it’s pretty bizzare, and that, given the finding of “in sudden passion” in the first trial, the sentence in the second trial was probably inappropriate.

Stpauler’s post deserves comment from pro-Dp’ers here. Justice Stevens, and even the prosecutor, admit that the man who was killed did not kill another person. Henceforth, he was not guilty of a capital crime. How can this be justified. Is this not an example of an injustice?

If the facts are correct in that quote he presented, then yes, that is an injustice and the execution should not have occurred.

However, a cock-up on the part of Texas in 1995 does not change my views on the death penalty.

Just out of interest, how many cock ups would it take to change your opinion?

And relevant to the OP, isn’t Texas’ history of provision of defense to indigents abysmal? Which in a state with a high propensity to execute might be seen as lacking a certain respect for the value of life. On the part of the state, of course, not its residents.

Aw, c’mon, now, I’m sure the State of Texas places quite a high value on human life.
…at least until it’s born.

Texas is one of the most populous states in the country. Therefore, we have more idiots than most states. It doesn’t help that so many Texans have a (relatively unfounded) innate sense of state pride, either.

I’ll tell you whut though, we make a mean barbequed brisket sandwich.

As a recovering Texan I say that Texas deserves all the bashing that could possibly be unleashed. I was born in Texas simply because my parents were too damn dumb to leave the place. I have lived in eight of the United States and have never seen the unbridled prejudice and reactionaryism that is rampant in Texas anywhere else.