How should I cook my lamb?

My neighbor gave me some lamb brisket but I’ve never cooked lamb before. Any good suggestions?

Souvlaki is good; grilled on skewers with appropriate flavoring and veggies. There are lots of recipes available on the web.

It should be cooked a bit like beef - as in best when little pink on the inside. Can be used in cubes in things like indian curry dishes, middle eastern cuisine like kebabs or tagines, or simply grilled or stewed. Goes great with mint and rosemary, or spices like cumin, sumac and coriander.

BEST roasted, with potatoes, peas and mint sauce, classic Kiwi and Aussie fare.

Mmmmnn-- I’ve never tried Lamb Brisket before. Just remember Briskets tend to be very flovorful and very tough. Long low dry heat w/ Garlic, rosemary and Thyme should bring out the flavors well, but you may want to think of a moist sauce to serve with it. Enjoy, wish I was there to sample.


If you roast it, cover the roasting tray in metal foil to keep the moisture in.

Brisket has a lot of connective tissue and benifits from long, slow cooking. If you have a smoker, then smoked brisket could be very interesting, maybe with a cumin/coriander/chilli spice rub.

Otherwise, an indian style curry would be fantastic as well.

Drag out the crock-pot. I would probly brown it off in a pan. Into crock with rosemary, garlic, etc, and let 'er go…

Mary had a little lamb
Left over in a stew
It sat and sat until it turned
A nasty shade of blue