How should I send press materials to a magazine in Russia?

I’m helping a client promote a book. It made it into Time Out New York, so we thought we’d hit up Time Out Moscow and Time Out St. Petersburg. (It’s a book about the Russian ballet dancer, Nureyev.)

Only problem: We don’t speak Russian.

In terms of the press materials themselves, I think we’ll just risk the likelihood that someone on staff can read English. But we have to get the materials there first.

We found TOM’s contact page, but we’re not familiar with Russian postal conventions. Under “Editorial Staff” (per babelfish), it says:

Is this the address? How would we write this on an envelope or FedEx International mailer?

Yes, it is address:
115054 - postal code
Москва - city (Moscow)
ул. Пятницкая - street (Pyatnichkaya sp.?)
д. 71/5, стр. 6 - estate/building number

I’m not familiar with russian postal conventions, but I found on linked page email and phone to their International Department:
International Department
Alexey Kovalev
Phone: (495) 797-21-31

I guess he can read english and possibly will help you.

Yes it is the address.
г.Москва: г. stands for city
ул. Пятницкая: ул. stands for street
д. 71/5: д. stands for building
стр. 6: stands for suite number

You might also cosider the Moscow Times, an English language daily in Moscow read by a lot of expats and Russians alike

Excellent. Thanks, all.

As an aside to this, what are the conventions when writing to a country that doesn’t use the Latin alphabet? I assume any national post office would be able to handle mail addressed using a Latin translation? Would the central post office transliterate to the local language before sending it on to the destination city?

Would (say) the USPS or DHL accept a parcel addressed in a non-Latin language but with the country name in English, say:

ул. Пятницкая, д. 71/5, стр. 6
115054 Москва


Apparently so. After the helpful translations above, I went out and found some sites of postal regulation mavens. It’s apparently A-OK to do as you have above (that’s how I’m addressing my envelopes), or to write your local language’s translate version of that line directly above each line.

Pyatnitskaya St., Bldg. 71/5, Suite 6
ул. Пятницкая, д. 71/5, стр. 6
115054 Moscow
115054 Москва

The main thing is that YOUR local post office knows how to get the letter out of the country, and that the target country’s post office can read and deliver it.