How to write a letter to Alexander Zakharchenko?

Anyone know of an offical address to write to him? Thanks everyone!

Alexander Who?

I’m guessing this guy, although Alexander Zakharchenko is such a common name, I could be wrong.

Yes that’s correct! Any address to write to him? I looked online and found nothing.

Any help would be appreciated thanks

Ask on the Donetsk Peoples Republic Facebook site, maybe?

In looking at that site, I accidentally requested their phone number. Damn, Facebook, don’t screw me over on this one.

Try this address along with the cyrillic translation:

Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko
Donetsk People’s Republic/Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

There’s a good chance it will find its way to him. Most post office workers aren’t dummies, in my experience (I assume this goes for other countries as well) – I’m pretty sure letters addressed to “President Barack Obama, USA” find their way to the White House as long as they have proper postage.

Hey thanks I appreciate that! Now are you saying that I should write that address in both English and Cyrillic on the envelope? Also any zip code to add to that? Last how many stamps should I put on the letter/package? Thanks

The Post Office (assuming you’re from the USA) will help with how to address an envelope for international mail and what the postage is. If you bring the letter to them, they’ll help you figure it out. The amount of postage will vary based on distance, weight, how fast it’s going etc, so it’s unlikely anyone here can tell you that.

I think he’s on twitter, Cap.

Otherwise, if you point a drone east from Moldova with coordinates 48.0028° N, 37.8053° E, you have a pretty good shot of it getting his attention.

Bonus Points if you include inside the drone a leather bound book with a cover reading “NATO Insurgent Code Book”. You should probably choose a book 2-300 hundred pages thick (survivability) with all the pages blank except for what you write about 100 pages in:

"Dear Alexander,
I think its about time that you and I had “A Serious Conversation”.


PS- You Might want to Count to Five and then Duck."

An original ink signature makes it lots more personal too, btw… :cool:

Missed the edit window. Sorry.

Уважаемый Александр Захарченко

Я думаю, что его о времени , что вы и я был " серьезный разговор " .

С Уважением,

Капитан Америка

PS- вы можете считать до пяти , а затем утку.

Actually I wanted to write to him to tell him I think he’s doing a great job. I’m also an illustrator and wanted to send him an illustrated portrait I did of him.

There’s an email address on his VK (V Kontakte - Russian Facebook) page.

Buy me a roundtrip plane ticket to Donetsk, and I’ll volunteer to be your courier.


Post a link to it, pretty please.

Once the finishing touches are done I’ll try to upload it and post it here. Just give me 2 weeks because I’m working on a science project and have to present it. Wish me luck!!!

Wow, the Google translate is really crappy, isn’t it.