How should I store laserdiscs?

I’ve tried a few different containers; none of them seem to work well. What do you use?

They’re 12.25" square–the same size as LPs. right? And you want to store them upright… so I just googled “LP storage”. Lots of good options.

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Fold them in half and shake them around in a box full of steel wool and small pebbles.

I have enough LDs that storage has been a major issue; it isn’t just size that’s an issue, but weight- each disc is about a pound, and shelves can warp under the weight if not properly supported. If you’re just looking at storage for a small amount, look for LP crates-- open-top boxes-- or even milk crates. Buy enough so that the LDs aren’t tightly packed, and you can just flip through them like one would at a laserdisc store in the 1990s. :nostalgia: If you want to store a lot, or have them shelved library-style, then LP shelves are an okay bet (and usually capable of handling the excessive weight), but they will often not be able to hold box sets.

I use Closetmaid 3-shelf organizers to hold mine. They’re nearly 12" deep (discs jut out half an inch or so, but it looks fine), the shelves are short enough that they don’t warp under the weight, and the shelves are removable and adjustable; I remove the middle shelf and turn it into a 2-shelf unit where both cells can hold even the most obnoxious box set.

Beyond that; keep the discs upright, and store away from heat, sunlight, and humidity. For the long term, invest in poly-lined paper sleeves to replace the flimsy plastic sleeves most LDs were shipped with.

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As for my suggestion: since you can’t get to Google, I’ll give you a link I found there: - This website is for sale! - laserdiscvault Resources and Information.. Apparently you need to take them out of the plastic, put them in a special sleeve, and then store them all like you would books, using a bookend or something on a bookshelf.

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