How should the Doctor die next?

I was thinking about the various ways that the Doctor has died and noticed that radiation exposure seems to be rather over-represented. To recap:
[li]First Doctor: old age[/li][li]Second Doctor: forced regeneration[/li][li]Third Doctor: radiation exposure[/li][li]Fourth Doctor: fall[/li][li]Fifth Doctor: radiation exposure[/li][li]Sixth Doctor: forced regeneration[/li][li]Seventh Doctor: gunshot wound[/li][li]Eighth Doctor: <unknown>[/li][li]Ninth Doctor: chronal vortex energy (radiation?)[/li][li]Tenth Doctor (a): Dalek ray gun[/li][li]Tenth Doctor (b): radiation exposure[/li][/ul]
So when it’s time for the Eleventh Doctor to go, how do you think it should happen?

Fifth Doctor was poisoned. Spectrox is not radioactive.

Falls into a wood chipper. Or stomped to death by soccer hooligans.

Eaten from inside by insidious Space Maggots

His sonic screwdriver explodes, taking him with it.

Food poisoning from tainted fish fingers and custard.

Accidentally puts a brain-eating creature that looks like a fez on his head.

Decapitation, so that he can regenerate a time head.

Death by snoo-snoo!

Death by chocolate!

Strangled by a sentient bow tie planted by The Master.

Killed by the Valeyard in order to expedite him becoming the Valeyard.


Something like this?


I was thinking more like drowning in a vat of fudge, but, you know, ninjas!

Killed by Clara.

He should die after being turned into a Dalek.

River Song shows up, tells him that HE is Clara’s father. Since Clara’s finally got him in bed at the time, the Doctor has a fatal double heart attack.

Mutant Space STD

Per these photos, a stomach virus that makes his hair fall out first.