How should the Doctor die next?

I say let’s go for old age again.

You guys have to think out of the box.

Killed by a falling safe, anvil, or piano.

Goes to Ireland. Finally gets fed up with not being Ginger. Intentionally regenerates without sustaining damage.

Nuts bit off by a Laplander.

Stomp him, then tattoo him, then hang him, and then kill him.

We all know very well that he can’t die until he visits Stavromula Beta.

Shot- on a beach, by a baby in a space suit.

So the next Doctor will be Patrick Stewart?

Standing on the beach when he is hit by a sperm whale falling from orbit.

Unbeknownst to the Doctor, the Chameleon Circuit hiccups into life just briefly and while the exterior remains the same, the immediate interior transforms into an empty elevator shaft. While heatedly arguing with River Song about their weird relationship, he angrily stomps into the ship without looking and plummets to his death.

Post end credits, a potted petunia crashes on top of the whale.


It’s always love.

Fits the bowtie.

Locked in a death-struggle with Stephen Moffatt.

Accidentally shot by Strax, who is cleaning his gun.

Strax is very happy about this and tries to tell him what a good death it is and how proud he is that he got to kill the Doctor.

Seriously. I think it would be awesome.

Now that I think about it another issue comes up: what exactly can a Timelord regenerate from? Being nuked? Dissolved in acid? Thrown into a vat of molten steel? The episode Arc of Infinity seemed to suggest that making sure a Time Lord is capital-D Dead is a non-trivial matter, but other episodes would seem to contradict that.

He needs to pull a Rosalyn Shays and fall down an elevator shaft.

He should select Bob and June Wheeler as companions.

A few times it’s been mentioned that a Time Lord can die “too quicky” to regenerate, so I assume something like a nuke, missile, or bomb would do it pretty handily. Anything that does damage fast and hard and leaves the body in a mangled state.

ETA: And I’m sure if you threw a Time Lord into a vat of acid or molten metal, even if they COULD regenerate, they’d just melt again instantly making it as good as killing them.

In “Turn Left” the Doctor died too quickly to regenerate. He was in a flooding tunnel.

Eleven Capital D Died when he was killed again while regenerating.