How should the Doctor die next?

Also, The Doctor got eaten in Father’s Day. He couldn’t regenerate from that, either.

Auto-erotic asphixiation.

Heart-attack while preparing defense in extended malpractice suit.

Crushed beneath the spiked wheels of Stormageddon’s atomic battle-car.

I would watch the hell out of that. :smiley:
Especially if they threw in Bob’s android brother.

Damn. Scooped by Gyrate.

How does that work? why would gyrate kill the doctor with a scoop? what kind of scoop?

I could imagine the dr could fend off someone with an icecream scoop - unless it was a size 4, then - well - whoo ninny.

Any ordinary scoop, perhaps, but not my special patented Death Scoop! Muahahahahahaaaa…

Perfect. :smiley:

is that a 1920’s Death Scoop?