How Should You Address the Mayor?

I’m writing a letter to the mayor (a woman) of my city. How should she be addressed?

Dear Madame Mayor

Dear Mrs. Mayor

Dear Mrs. Hasara (her name)

Dear Mayor Hasara

Dear Karen :wink:

Thank you.

‘Dear Mayor X’ is correct, according to
this page.

According to my copy of “The Essential Writer’s Companion” (3 book set with a desk dictionary and thesaurus):

Forms of address do not always follow set guidelines; the type of salutation is often determined by the relationship between correspondents or by the purpose and content of the letter…

In formal salutations, when the addressee is a woman, “Madam” should be subsituted for “Sir”. When the salutation is informal, "Mrs. or “Ms.” or “Miss” should be substituted for “Mr.” If a woman addressee has previously stated a preference for a particular form of address, this form should be used.

Form of Address (envelope)
The Honorable <first and last name>
Mayor of <city>

Dear Mayor <last name>:

I believe in Canada its “Lord” or “Worship”…or something utterly ridiculous like that.

Harry. :wink:

Brown paper, string and a large indelible marker.

Works for me.