How Smart Are You, Anyway?

The SDMB is a nice cross-section of life. People from all walks, stations, race, religion, and creed are represented. Or at least most of them.

I want to know how smart you, personally, are.

As for me, my IQ as tested in third grade and through tests online, FWIW, is around 130. I’m one of the more intelligent people among the people I hang out with, but then, I don’t hang out with geniuses. I don’t have a degree, but that’s much more about the opportunities I had when I was younger than about ability. An advanced degree is, I feel, within my capabilities should I ever choose to pursue that.

Among many, many Dopers, though, I am a mental midget. Some of the threads I read make me instantly, acutely aware of my drooling imbicility. SUCH smart people, a lot of you are.

So how smart are you?

I have a Mediocrity Quotient of 50%

Me thinks my answer is “enough”

I feel small here sometimes too…

Smart enough to graduate summa cum laude from my JC and to gain entrance to UCLA.

Not smart enough to hang in GD. :frowning:

Smarter than I act; not smart enough to put it to good use. :frowning:

I can see why some might find it distasteful to share. I just look at it like those old commercials, “Don’t hate me because I’m smart! I had nothing to do with it, my parents gave me these genes!”

Don’t be shy, it’s just us Dopers here.

Education > 95% of good genes

Apparently I’m smart enough for government work!

Or smart enough to work for the government =)

Great Debates? Hell I hardly qualify for IMHO!

IIRC, I was tested for CLUE way back in the third grade too. I barely made it in at 136.

I’m an idiot. Hurrah!

I test high for pattern recognition and am stubborn–so I’ve become a good bit of a Jack of All Trades: Relatively good at many things (because I can figure out what the key pieces are and force myself to do those), but lacking the natural gift for any one thing to make me great at it.

I test off my charts.


Genius + 1 (141). Go me! :smiley:

Tested IQ of 145, but since I’m lazy and hate math, have refused membership in MENSA and instead choose to use my powers only to annoy. I work in U.S. federal government and it’s my ambition to get “cromulent” used in an official publication.

Smart enough to take today off to goof off and not spend the entire day sitting at work pretending to be productive.

See y’all later!

I don’t know exactly. I was tested to see if I could go the the “Gifted” school, and was identified “gifted,” which means my IQ is 130 or above, but I don’t know exactly.

I don’t know my IQ (parents won’t tell me; I don’t really want to know anyway), but I know it’s over 130 (it had to be to get into the highest level classes in high school). I took the SAT once and got 730 verbal/740 math. That and my GPA got me a full tuition scholarship to college, which I am enjoying.

However, I am distinctly lacking in common sense, people skills, and a number of other useful human qualities. A 4.0 won’t keep me from dying homeless on the street.

I probably should take another one. The last one I took was in 10th grade, and I got a 139.

IQ 140 per the Mensa entrance exam.

That and a buck will get me a cup of coffee. :dubious: