What is your IQ?

Not a lot to add here … I’m talking about your IQ as measured by some reputable process. You should probably mention your age when it was measured (as it is a quotient, after all). Things like the Mensa public “test” don’t count, it needs to be meaningful.

It is assumed that those posting know that the only certainty about IQ tests is that they measure your ability to do IQ tests.

I don’t know, my parents wouldn’t tell me because they didn’t want me to get cocky. So I don’t know the precise number. But they always told me it was ‘Genius level’. I was 7.

Mine was measured in first grade. It was fairly high, and my parents refused to tell me the number for fear that I’d brag about it or get a big head or whatever, they just said it was good. Finally, in my late teens, I remembered this and asked my mom flat out what it was. She had completely forgotten. Talk about anti-climactic. Anyway, she thinks maybe it was in the 140’s. Which, given that I was 6 years old, I can’t imagine means much of anything now.

Low of course. Why else would I have to prove it on the Internet.

I’m so smart my brain hurts.

My parents had it measured when I was about the same age as the others in the thread – six or so. Apparently they were having difficulty measuring my IQ but it was ridiculously high.

shrug It hasn’t helped me much professionally. It’s actually been rather obnoxious: I knew I was smart and I never bothered learning to study until my last few semesters of college. I never needed to in high school, and by the time I realized what I was doing wrong and started to work to put it right I already had abysmal grades.

I’m a bit afraid to take an IQ test as an adult for fear of being less than brilliant. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always understood that it means more when taken young because your test taking skills have not developed yet so it more accurately measures aptitude. But yea, that’s pretty much the same experience I had.

A better question than “What is your IQ?” is “What is the name of the person who administered your IQ test?”

I got my IQ tested by a Dr. Pickles.

That is funny because we had a bar near us in Indpendence, Mo named Dr. Pickles. True story.

Let me be the first to say that anyone that claims they have an IQ over 160 is almost certainly flat out lying just based on the way the normal curves for standard IQ tests work. Anything over 150 is just barely plausible. Anyone that actually had an IQ that high would understand that but most people don’t and they can’t comprehend that tacking on an extra 15 points of so to their score is going up a whole standard deviation and the statistical implications of that are huge. Once you start doing that at the high end of the curve, you very quickly go from claiming you have one of the higher IQ’s recorded at your high school to saying that you have the highest IQ ever recorded in your city, state, or country.

I have taken a few of them starting when I was young and they were professionally administered for different purposes. I also took psychometrics classes in undergrad and grad school and took them again there. The results were stable over time.

My IQ is 84-. True story.

I’m a total jerk and make snarky comments at random people on a message board. I’m so cool!

I’ve taken IQ tests from the time I was about 8 up until I was about 25 or so. I am very confident that I can achieve a high score on just about any IQ test that’s meant for general knowledge and abilities, and that is set in my culture.

If an IQ/general knowledge test depends on knowledge of other cultures, or measures pop culture/sports knowledge, then I will almost certainly score in the bottom quarter. Those are not my strong points.

I have no freakin’ idea. Seriously, who does?

The history of intelligence testing is a pretty creepy one. I know I was tested as a youth, but I was never told the score, and frankly, I don’t much care what it was.

Measured at around 140 in some sort of gifted placement program test in jr. high school.

I’m pretty sure that somewhere in the battery of psych evaluations I had between sixth and seventh grades was an IQ test, but I don’t remember if I was told my score on it. Assuming a correlation with other standardized tests that I do know my score on, it was probably 130-something, but I’m not confident enough in the number to mark anything in the poll.

Where’s the ‘I don’t know’ option? :slight_smile:

Apparently they were having trouble measuring mine because it was ridiculously low.

Well either the SDMB is above average, or people with a genius level IQ are more likely to be tested and actually know their IQ.

I suspect that an amalgamation of these is the answer.

Just how common was IQ testing in schools, anyway? It certainly never came up in any of mine ( born 1968, graduated High School in 1985, attended public schools in CA, NY and Michigan ). About the only group test I can recall was the PSAT.

Anyway I’m among those who’ve never taken one, internet crap aside. I could do a SAT conversion I guess, but I’m kind of dubious about the result.

By the way, while making this poll anonymous may garner greater participation, it is only going to encourage some ridiculous numbers. Especially considering the SDMB meme of overinflated IQ scores that some find amusing ;).