How straight are you? (a quiz for guys)

Go ahead, take the quiz. There have been so many other quizs’ floating around here lately, add this one to your résumé.
(if this fails to load, go here then look for the quiz on the page.)

Anniz will be relieved to know that I scored…

Of course, this quiz is for gay men, not straight ones.

Well, I got a Level 1–Extremely Straight-Acting.

Yep, that’s me. BTW, you do know this is a gay site, don’t you, Thinksnow?

And I scored a 78:

Given that I am straight, I find this amusing.




I guess that’s ok, except I’m a girl.

So far, I’ve scored ‘less straight’ than all of the gay men who have responded. Esprix? Matt? Help a guy out here, would ya?

I scored a minus 6, level 0, it said I should be out wrestling wild animals.

I can’t wait for the bears to come out of hibernation!

46 - Mostly Straight Acting.

Middle-of-the-road LNO, that’s me.

Damn – I’m even more gay than JC.

I knew I should have said I liked pitbulls.

I am secure in my masculinity.

Level 2 here, but the candles I own are emergency candles and I only watched “Bridges of Madison County” because my girlfriend wanted to. Honest!

Your score is 53

                 LEVEL 3 -- MOSTLY STRAIGHT ACTING

                 You lead a normal everyday life and it's 'no questions asked' as people
                 just assume you are straight. Every once and awhile a very aware
                 person might notice something that causes them to think 'fem' but it's a
                 fleeting thought because you turn around and surprise them with more
                 masculine traits before they even have time to fully analyze the last one.

You guys dont even know who I am yet, since I am just starting to post here…but I am a straight guy who is not making a big isuue of that!
YOu know …I am not gay, but what is the point of acting “manly” just to prove you are straight?
So the score is in compliance with the personaLÝTY…
Good test…

Damn – I’m even more gay than Spiritus Mundi.

Looks like Turpentine is the only one more feminine that I am. Hmmm…

Actually, I had misread and checked only one box in each category in my previous post. After checking all applicable boxes:

This is prob’ly more me, anyway.

My score: 131. This makes me (big surprise) Very Feminine.


Ain’t momma gonna be happy to find this out. I think I’ll break the news at some intimate moment.

Jeepers. I got the same score as Turpentine, 94.

Yep, I knew that buying that bottle of Nair was going to throw me off.

Soon I will reveal why I bought it, and everyone will understand.

Wrestling is retarded, but they got me pinned, nonetheless.