How technology changes the dating game

Yeah, yeah, online personals, fine, whatever – this is the big change:

Instead of sitting by the [baby blue, rotary-dial, Princess] phone, wondering if he’ll call, you can sit by the computer, leave it on the page with your email inbox , and hit F5 every two to three minutes.

Big improvement.


don’t hit F5. get Gmail. the taskbar icon shows the number of unread messages in your inbox (as long as you are in your inbox), so you can surf the dope and just look down occassinally. :slight_smile:

Too passive. :wink:

I’m sorry… send me your email addy again. I accidentally deleted my inbox. :smack:



Tell me about it! I mean it used to be such a good game show.


Ok, what would be skeevier a Mwwwwwaaaaaaah!!! from Jim Lange or a *Mwwwwwaaaaaah!!! from George Bush?

I thought this was going to be a post about how frustrating it is to make plans now that cell phones are ubiquitous. Nobody seems to want to actually commit to something. It’s not limited to dating, but it still pisses me off.

Every once in a while while frantically trying to verify some last-minute excursion, someone will comment “what did we ever do without cell phones?” And I think “we actually planned ahead.”

Jr. or Sr.? 'Cause senior is the one who ralphed on the Japanese PM.




Like, is this guy ever gonna poke me!