How the Dope enriches my life: 1 - Gorecki Symphony No 3

I’m not a classical music listener, but was interested enough to buy this after reading about it in a thread here.
I wanted to thank whoever it was that wrote about it, but can’t search.
Thanks whoever you are - this is amazing music.

And to anyone else, what have you been turned onto by the Dope?
I realise this may have been done before - but I can’t search.


it wasn’t me who made you do it but i want to second you: Górecki is awesome. Don’t listen to his ‘Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’ when you’re down and unstable…

I know we’ve had a whole thread dedicated to the work shortly after 9/11, as the “happy” part of the piece (and it really is happy after the darkness of the earlier parts of the piece) was used in the “Fireman’s Fund” commercials, where you see them going to inform a family that the firefighter in their family had died in the line of duty.

I’ve discovered many great things here. Most recently Steve Reich, Steroid Maximus, and the Iliad.