How the fuck...?

How :smack: the :smack: fuck :smack: did :smack: you :smack: get :smack: to :smack: your :smack: level :smack: with :smack: such :smack: a :smack: staggering :smack: lack :smack: of :smack: knowledge :smack: or :smack: experience :smack: ?!?!?!?!?

What’s more… I just can’t keep dumbing it down for you for very much longer. I’m starting to get stupid myself.

And how long do I have to pretend I’ve got the remotest respect for your authority as CIO when you clearly can’t tell a spreadsheet from a relational database.



How the fuck?

Well, first the man and the woman get naked and then…

Partially clothed is sometimes sexier. Don’t make me have to explain why.
Back to OP. Focus, people.

To answer your question, the answer is either nepotism or sexual favors. Is your CIO good lookin’?

I always figured that those in management positions got there simply by being unable to do any other job.

Those who can’t act become critics. Those who can’t work become management.

He’s a balding, obese, late middle aged, prevaricating, waffling fop who falls asleep during meetings when he’s not sitting around farting in his office. The mearest suggestion that he needs to make a conclusive decision about something important and time critical brings him untold angst and hand wringing worry.

Some of us, me for one, have spent years in the trenches and have risen through the ranks because of our experience and ability to lead and manage well.

But I’m always bumping into these useless characters who seem to serve no purpose beyond occupying the physical space they are assigned.

How old are you? Eventually you’ll realize that this statement describes two people in three.

Ah, a pretty boy. Gotcha.

Or sometimes both. Which will help explain next generation’s management.

Wow, I didn’t think that smilie overuse could get any more annoying that using it like so:

Your OP makes me :mad: :rolleyes: :dubious: :frowning:

…but obviously I was wrong.

For the last time, the chair squeaks!!

Maybe he’s just a psychopath.

[Cosmo from Fairly Oddparents] Riiiiiight [/Cosmo]
I know that there are those who have worked hard to get where they are. Most of my jobs, not so much. Most of the managers I’ve had were just worthless bootlickers who couldn’t do half the job that I did.

So now, with my current boss who reminds me too much of the boss from The Office (UK edition), I just think of that and shrug. Beats getting too worked up.

Is he passive/aggressive, too? He sounds like my husband’s last boss… :eek:

This is one of those OPs that have a diliberately vague subject line and text that goes beyond the mouseover preview to trick people into actually opening it to find out what the hell it’s talking about, isn’t it?


Ah he musta bought his account on e-bay.

No. Not a psychopath. Just an idle bastard who’s never done a day’s work in his life.

And so help me… if he sighs that woefull sigh just once more when I give him a status update on a project that’s encountered an issue which I’M SUCCESSFULLY RESOLVING, I’m going to strangle the fat bastard with his own tie.

A spreadsheet can indeed be a relational database. MS Excel? That’s a relational database. All something needs to be a database is data. All something needs to be relational is rows and columns.

Somewhere out there I get the feeling that a CIO is complaining about his stupid, dumbed down employees. :stuck_out_tongue: