How the Hell do you forget the shape of a PRETZEL???

I have not been to this board for a while.
I have not watch “Millionare” ever.

Guess why I’m here?

The man needed to use a lifeline. . .
on a $500 question. . .


the choices Pretzel, Hot cross bun and two other stuff!!

he forgot…

He is sure lucky I don’t own a gun because if I did, I’d be on the news saying “Sorry, he was just too stupid to live!”

That is all.


A pretzel is shaped like someone praying???

I don’t get it.

It was an somewhat obscure question considering it was only for $500. If you never came across that piece of trivia before, and I don’t even remember where I heard it from, probably the internet somewhere, then why would you think the pretzel answer was anymore valid than the rest of the choices? And even if you did have an tentative idea it was preztel, would you want to take a shot in the dark and risk looking like a complete fool who got knocked down on a $500 question as opposed to a guy who had to use a lifeline on a $500 question?


I would understand if he had to use lifeline on a question like, "What color means ‘go’ on a stoplight’, but his ignorance of the fact that a pretzel is supposed to be shaped like someone praying warrants him too stupid to live doesn’t make sense. It’s easy to sit at home and judge people on WWTBAM when someone doesn’t know a question you do, but I never see anyone on this board saying anything like, “Man, that guy was really smart. I didn’t know the answer to that question and he didn’t even have to use a lifeline.”

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?


fuck it,

if it’s on TV I’ll see it in re-runs.


Hey, at least he was smart enough to use a lifeline.

What about the guy who missed the $100 question because he thought Little Jack Horner pulled a blackbird out of the pie? Now that’s what I call stupid.

IIRC, pretzels were made by monks as treats for children who did well at their prayers. The pretzel’s “loops” were supposed to be arms, and the twist in the middle was supposed to be hands clasped in prayer.

“I never watch Springer, but yesterday there was this. . .”

“I never watch Judge Judy, but yesterday there was this. . .”

“I never felch goats, but yesterday there was this. . .”

When traveling, I often get blank stares when I say something/someone got twisted up like a pretzel.
They don’t exist in lots of places, even places serving decent beer. (How they do THAT is beyond me. Beer with mangos?)

Um… I don’t think “forgetting the shape” of a pretzel has anything to do with it. I could draw you a pretzel. I could make you a pretzel out of playdoh. I KNOW the shape of a pretzel.

However in my entire life, I’ve never heard, nor has it ever crossed my mind that a pretzel is shaped like someone praying. Thinking about it now, I still think it’s quite a fucking stretch.

I usually try to base my proclamations of “too dumb to live” on things other than obscure trivia. Pretzels don’t look like people praying, as far as I’m concerned. Yeah, it’s probably a better guess than hot cross buns, but it’s certainly not obvious.

I heard the same basic story, the only variation being that the shape was supposed to represent arms crossed in benediction (not the standard hands-clasped image of praying). Picture a pious soul laying right hand just above left breast, left hand just above right. Catholics above a certain age will be able to picture parishioners receiving communion in this particular posture, and it’s sort of the standard position of prayerful repose for the recently departed (rather than putting their hands in their pockets, I guess).

Have no idea if this is true. Nor am I certain this makes a pretzel any more obviously representative of someone in prayer.

Chief Crunch said:

Well Chief, that John Carpenter dude has all my admiration. The ballsey way he handled his first session on the show when he won $1,000,000 was classic. I watched the show everynight last week to see him on it again. He did have to use lifelines this time and only won $250,000, but he is the greatest.

Clogboy’s influences continue to be felt around the globe.

I ever I should use a smilie…

I know exactly what a pretzel looks like, and I never made the connection with someone praying.

What about pretzel sticks? Or those big cigar-like pretzels? (similar to sticks except, well, uh, bigger) Or those short stubby pretzels you get in those cheap party mixes? What if the guy only ate party mixes? Huh? I live in England and you can barely find pretzels here (just those damn crisps). Did he have an accent? What if he was one of those charismatic Christians? The ones that pray by holding their hands up in the air. Huh?