How to add some oomph to my sweet tenor?

I like to sing. I used to sing in the church choir, I’m almost always singing in the car if I have to go somewhere alone. My wife, however, laughs at me if I sing a lot of rock-and-roll songs - just the wrong voice for the music.

Sort of like the “Black people without soul” sketch, it’s just wrong voice, wrong music. I was singing to Marc Broussard on the way into work - very nice “blues” voice, a bit of gravel, a lot of color. Over it is my sweet, slightly reedy tenor.

Am I doomed to always singing James Taylor & John Denver tunes? Is there excercises to add a bit of depth & color to my voice?

Does the music determine the singer or can the singer choose his music?

Start smoking and drinking heavily. That should rough it up nicely.

Yeah - thought of that. However, 41 is a bit late to pick up smoking, asthma not withstanding.

I’m working on the drinking heavily part but it’s expensive.


No trained singers out there? Vocal Coaches?

When Pat Benatar made the transition from operatic coloratura to rock star, she had to learn how to scream and growl. I’m not sure where you go for that kind of training. Maybe one of those quicky MBA programs. :wink: