How to Alter Admin Privileges on Windows 10?

The problem isn’t that it has “a special folder for plugins”, the problem is that that folder is in Program Files which hasn’t been the correct way of doing that… well, ever frankly. (Even Unix had individual user accounts; it’s probably not even correct behavior in Unix. But I don’t know Unix very well.)

It worked in Windows 95 + Windows 98 because those OSes didn’t do permissions checks. It kind of worked in the Windows NT line up until Vista as long as the user had Local Administrator permissions. It’s never worked in Vista+ because the permissions system became more strict. (None of the rules changed, mind, but rules that had not been enforced by the OS before began being enforced.)

Keep in mind, it’s still the wrong place to put those files in all of the OSes I’ve named.

Anyway I’m sorry that Adobe’s bad software is causing you pain. It would be nice if they’d fix it, but if it’s been this long without fixing it they probably don’t care enough or aren’t talented enough to pull it off.

The nature of my job is somewhat like that too. I have a separate account with administrator privilege, which credentials I provide to installers and other administrative processes that require escalation, if I know that I have initiated them.
Even if (perhaps especially if) you spend all day every day installing software, it is not onerous to work this way, and it’s not at all a good idea to run your primary account with persistently elevated privileges.

I am no programmer, but isn’t this what users/username/appdata is made for?