How to be a more manly poster?

In the recent thread on how guys whip it out, multiple posters mentioned that up until I explicitly mentioned my penis, they had assumed I was a woman. I have no problem with this – I rarely mention my wife or my penis, so there’s really no reason for most posters to know I’m a guy. But it got me wondering as to how other people determine the gender of their fellow posters. Do you go by the tone of the posts? Content? Username? Assume gender neutral until you find out?

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Me, I go almost entirely by username. I arbitrarily decide from the first sighting which usernames sound like girls and which like guys, and then stubbornly hold onto those perceptions even after multiple confirmations of their falsehood.

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Well, I have always assumed from your sig that you were male, but others might just as easily take it from that same evidence that you are female and interested in same. :slight_smile:

I mostly go by username, given no other clues.


A giraffe’s tounge is 18 inches long and prehensile. And I’m a guy.

So, as an afterthought, could those who respond to this also mention their genders? I think KtK is a guy, and Cyn is a girl, but I’d like to know how often I’m right.

I knew you were a guy - not sure why I knew that, but perhaps your manliness came thru.

And if you need me to tell you which bits I have, maybe you’re not as manly as I assumed…


What’s that Giraffe? Lookin’ for someone to make a man outta ya? :wink:

C’mon Giraffe, does the 24 Club sound like something a woman would think up? :smiley:

Well I guessed Giraffe was male, since pissing on a games board would be much more difficult for a woman to get away with :slight_smile:
I am Male even without a beard.

I tend to associate wether the username sounds male or female with the user. I doubt I could change the association even if I was proved wrong.

Cheers, Bippy

The testosterone comes off of you in waves, Giraffe sweetie. Your name, the sig line and your studly way of posting quickly led me to conclude you were male.

For others it’s not always so easy, but my guesses based on user name come out correct most of the time. Now keeping boy/girl straight/gay/bi in order, that’s made for some confusing reading of posts!

As long as folks are not making passes at you thinking you are female, you are doing OK.

More MANLY posts?

Why? :smiley:
But for the record, on this particular subject, I tend to remain in the dark and assume no gender unless the thread specifically mentions it (I mean, with some usernames, there’s simply no hope, is there?) - once I’ve ID’d a particular poster, however, I usually remember (not always, but usually.)

    • So, from this corner of the world, this is TVGuy, fabulous gay-boy, always willing to bring a little lavendar and roses into a far too testosterone poisoned population - signing off and keeping you confused. (I think that’s too long for a sig…)

I assume everybody is male unless I am given an indication otherwise. It seems a useful heuristic on the net.

I go off the username first, then tone of the posts.

What would you guess, based on my username?


I myself am inclined to assume gender neutrality, but that could be because my username is rather gender neutral. Oh yes, I’m female.

I always thought you were a boy giraffe. I dunno why, maybe the tone. Maybe because when I see your name, I see a picture of a giraffe in my head. And I don’t think of giraffes as being a feminine animal. If your name were koala, I might’ve thought you were female. I guess I’m weird.

And I am, indeed, a girl.

I just assume you’re all 19-year old female college cheerleaders unless I’m given a strong indication to the contrary. Now that’s a useful heuristic.

You’ve always had a male vibe and tenor to your posts. Anyone who thinks you are a gal has a malfunctioning testosterodar or does not read your MPSIS and PIT replies. Now stop waving that thing around before you put someone’s eye out and go get in touch with your female side.

I’ve been surprised by the gender of a few Dopers (St. Germain, I think, was the most recent.) Most of the time I think of everyone here as unformed entities until they indicate otherwise.

Maybe we just like our own little slice of anonymity.

So it’s all about the animal, eh?

Which do you think I am?