How to become a monk?

That’s it – how does one go about becoming a Buddhist monk?

here ya go…

First stop Coca-Cola, I’d say.

Wow, thanks guys! I knew I could count on the SDMB for the most obscure of questions! I wonder if I could become a monk, knowing I was too lazy to do my own GIS?

Can you do this?

Also there’s that whole thing about studying a few years about the religion and getting to know what you’re getting into.

Personally I think I would go bonkers the first week.

I’d recommend Thank You And OK: Diary Of An American Zen Failure In Japan by David Chadwick.

It’s more travelogue than religious text, but it does deal with day to day life in the Japanese Zen monk communities. It’s a fun read, with occasional profundities.

Chadwick, lucky bastard, studied with Shunryu Suzuki.

Funny thing is, not only could I do these things, but I would enjoy doing them. I am not honestly thinking I will become a monk – heck, I am married with 2 kids my family would try to have me committed, I think. Who knows? I am thinking of looking into attending the local Buddhist temple. Perhaps I will end up giving it all up for the life of a monk, perhaps not…only time will tell…

Keep us informed! That sounds like a great adventure.