How to become moderator?

I’m sure every SDMB’er has, at one time or another, at least entertained the thought of what it would be like to be a Mod. I’m sure the idle thought is almost always waved away. Too much hassle, too little reward. My hat is off to all the Mods. I can pick and choose which threads I want to read. The Mods don’t quite have that luxury.

That being said, this is by far the most entertaining ATMB thread I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy!! :slight_smile:

Good luck, nonpolar! :slight_smile:

nonpolar’s seriously into masochism.

You can subtract one from your tally.

Well, again continuing seriously: Ed Zotti does scrutinize the posts of would-be moderators, and I can pretty much guarantee that someone whose early post is about his masturbation techniques will not pass muster.

The job of Moderator entails reading through tons of crap posts that are of no interest whatsoever, responding to irrational and unreasonable requests, dealing with trolls and repeat offenders who think they’re too clever to be caught, dealing with people who give way, way, WAY too much information (TMI[super]tm[/super]), listening to members whine about their frustrations and problems, and… well, do I need to go on?

On the plus side, there’s no pay, but there’s a free SD mug, and the comraderie with other moderators. And the empty power, don’t forget the empty power.

You forgot to mention the Spandex uniform and thigh-length leather boots.

Oooo - Can I apply? I look GREAT in thigh-high leather boots!


Mangetout, you have Moderators confused with Administrators.

Plus, you get to go in and fix screwups in peoples’ coding.

Nonpolar, You as a moderator would be a travesty. It’s amazing that you’ve made it this long without being banned. Your appalling attitude toward women is evident in many of your posts. I find you very offensive.

Well, looks like this thread’s vacation in ATMB isn’t gonna last long.

And bring Pie!!

I run another busy bulletin board, and I don’t stand a chance at being a mod here. I’ve had one too many lapses in judgement here, IMHO, and my posts aren’t exactly award-winning. The ADD doesn’t help.

I don’t know the mod selection process here, exactly, but the SDMB is one of the big boys. It’s not a k-rad 1337 board where anybody can be a mod by just asking. I can say that consideration of mod-dom probably has nothing to do with your post count, senority/longevity, or experience on other sites.

I realize that this is probably a moot point, since I have about the same chance of becoming a moderator as nonpolar does, but I figured I’d better do it.

I just reread my first post up there and realized that if you turn it sort of sideways to the light and squit really hard, it kinda-sorta could look like an expression of interest in the job. It wasn’t.

Just thought I’d make that clear.

I’d also like to propose that we designate “when nonpolar becomes a mod” an official SDMB equivalent of “when monkeys fly out of my butt,” “when pigs fly,” and “when hell freezes over.”

Seconded! All in favor? :slight_smile:


motion carried. :wink:

nonpolar, you may never make Mod, but you have become a piece of SDMB history and long after you have left the board people will say “Why ‘Hi Opal,’ what’s the Death Ray thing about, and who was nonpolar.”

Wow, it’s just like being an Oracle Preist, except no mugs.

If there is a God, this will never happen.

Of course, there isn’t a God, so all bets are off.

So I see 99.9% of you is against me becoming moderator ,that is rather not too good result. :smack: At least there is 1/10 % undecided.

But for real ,does moderator gets paid?I lost my job recently and I’m looking to do something(NOT TOO HARD).any offers?