How to become moderator?

Do I ever stand a chance to become moderator on this board? :wink:


Stranger things have happened.

Not that I can think of any right now.

I think you’ll be fighting off the offers,** np**. I’ve had to turn them down, but they took it in good part.

See what I mean? You generate traffic, bring out both sides of the issue, and get immediate feedback. Prime moderator material, I’d have thought.

I think you would be a great moderator. None of the other moderators that I know of have offered to show their penis to complete strangers. That should be worth something in the voting.

Moderator? Why stop at that, you piker? I say, go for the top. Organize a coup against Cecil himself, and take over the joint. I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job.

We get to vote for moderators? Cool!

NP, you got mine already. I got a feeling that, given the armband, you’ll be as responsible and fair-minded as the best mod. Like giving the captaincy of the football team to the school rebel.

Well, there’s no precedent for SDMB moderators who aren’t fluent in written English. But hey, you might be a trendsetter.

If GW. Bush became president , I could easilly keep this joint in order.

Have you given Lynn Bodoni chocolates yet?

Well, it’s hard to argue with that logic.

My last post was in response to nonpolar.

The serious answer to how you get to be a moderator is:
Step 1. You have a strong posting track, that indicates that you’re literate, moderate in temprament, intelligent, mature, and a few other characteristics that slip my mind at the moment.
Step 2. You send an email to TUBADIVA, she has an application form.

I’d have to say, nonpolar, that you haven’t met any of the conditions of Step 1 yet, so it would be extremely premature for us to answer the question of whether you might be moderator material. Ask again in about three years.

When do I get my invitation???

Yes, I have to improfe my englisch a little bit and stop drinking to much coffe,but on the other hand ,my intelligence is quite intelligent and I’m old enough.
So it might take less than three years I hope.

Just out of curiosity, **nonpolar, ** what country are you from?

Given Step 1 it appears that I’m safely a regular member forever.

Seriously, though, how big a pain in the ass is it, really? It seems to me that riding herd on some of the yahoos we have around here would be a really annoying, thankless job.

And have some extra commas (,) in case you don’t think I’ve used enough already. :wally

The least one can say is that an injection on the moderator’s desks of a good portion of the non sensical humour as provided by nonpolar can not be considered a bad thing.
Salaam. A

Your intelligence is intelligent in its own right? That’s quite impressive! - I say he should get the job (his intelligence can go on moderating while he takes a break).

Seriously, monkeys are quite likely to fly out of my ass in a shorter timescale.

Assuming this whole thread isn’t just a joke, why on earth do you want to be a moderator?