How to change default picture from file location in Mac Power Point

I’m creating a slide show for a presentation using Mac Power Point 2011.

All my images are in a folder called Slide Show.

Every time I want to get a picture, Power Point opens by default my Documents folder. Silde Show is two levels down.

Is there a way to make Slide Show the default folder instead?

I don’t know if there is a way to tell Excel to do this, but this (kind of pricey) extension will probably do what you want.

Yes, this is possible, at least in the PC version of Power Point. Select Options from the File menu and then Options. Change the Default Save Location. I think in the PC version this changes it for all Office programs.

Note: I changed “Excel” to “Power Point” in the title at the request of the OP, since that is what he meant.

That’s the problem. Mac doesn’t have an Options selection in File.

This page apparently has instructions for doing so, with screenshots and everything.

Thanks, but. That’s for saving files. Changing it doesn’t change the file from picture default location.

Why don’t you just add the folder to the Finder sidebar, which shows up in the File:Open dialog box? Then it’s just one click.

A workaround is to have the Slide Show folder open in a Finder window, and just drag and drop the images onto the PowerPoint page you want them to appear. You’ll then have to switch to PP and resize/crop etc., but I find it goes much more rapidly than doing the Add Image dance.

Drag-n-drop works from the Finder, from email, from Adobe Bridge (where I view and catalog images) and even from web pages. Probably lots of other apps, too.

“Picture from file” opens a special box that has the contents of Finder, but is not Finder. There is no sidebar.

My workaround is to use “recently found” since Slide Show is top of that list. That way I can click on an image in the folder and it shows up already perfectly fitting the box. No cropping needed. But that’s still an extra two clicks I’d like to eliminate.

You must have the sidebar hidden.
Click on the left-most button in the title bar, left of the left-right arrows. That shows/hides the sidebar.

Yep, that did it. Down to one extra click. Thanks.