How to clean a hanging pot rack w/o taking it down

From the ceiling of course.

Not sure this belongs here, but this forum seems to have the cooks.

Honestly don’t want to have to climb up and get it, but it has that “special” kind of kitchen dust. You know, the greasy sticky kind. The kind that makes cleaning the kitchen fan so hard. Obviously I’ve tried to dust it, but nada.

Any easy solutions?

Is it really not easy to just use a ladder or chair and wipe it off? It’s simple elbow grease and soapy water.

One of those high pressure power jet hose things that clean patios and external walls ?

Spray it with a degreaser (or dish soap and water, or windex) and then rinse it with a water spray? (In a bottle). You of course will need to then wipe the surface underneath.

A grease cutter (think Palmolive), and a combination of sponges, towels and brushes. You’re not going to simply whisk away special greasy kitchen dust. That stuff is gnarly.

Would work but probably spray the muck about a bit. I have on of those el cheapo steam jet cleaners - like this but mine was way cheaper. Tedious but it works.

Are we seriously talking about bringing in this pressure washer and spraying degreaser in a home kitchen?

Climb up and get it. No cleaning in situ option is going to be easier, and you’ll do a better job at ground level.

I use the non-toxic oven cleaner for that kind of mess.

Hang an umbrella upside down from the rack to catch the drips and spray it (the rack) liberally with rubbing alcohol. Once it dries take the umbrella outside and hose off the muck.

Depending on the market, maybe sell the house and move up a smidge to a situation that includes a dude to clean the kitchen.

But now your yard is mucky. I again suggest selling.

That seems a little common. In this day and age one of proper breeding would simply hire a man to come in and take laser measurements of house’s interior. Then hire another man to strip the house down to it’s bones. Then hire one of those 3D modeling companies to come in and replace everything. Ez pz. Everything is clean.

If that’s out of your budget then hire a maid I guess.

Just take it down. After I did I wondered why I was tearing my hair about it. It’s not that hard.