How to clean a "scottie" rug?

I have an old “scottie” rug. It’s a bit dirty, definitely in need of cleaning. But how do I clean it? I know i shouldn’t put it in the washing machine, but should I wash it in the tub with just water? In a bucket? With just water? With woolite?



Oh yeah. It has a burlap border of about 2 inches on the outside only.

First of all, what IS a “scottie” rug?

A scottie rug is a small (2x3) hooked rug with a picture of a scottie dog on it. You can google the term or look on ebay for examples.

If you really value this rug, take it to the dry cleaners.

If it’s a colorfast synthetic you could probably get away with gently washing it in the tub. Don’t scrub or twist or use harsh cleansers or hot water, test a section first, etc. Dry it on a flat screen so it doesn’t mildew or warp.

If you don’t know the fiber content of all the parts and don’t want to risk ruining it, off to your local rug guy for advice.