how to clean electric eyes?

The title says most, if not all. What’s the best way to clean the electric eyes from my stove? (or, actually, **parthenokenisis’s ** stove, since I don’t actually cook) They’ve got some yuck on them, and I don’t whether it’s OK to spray them with, say, 409 or what have ya.

popping in to make a quick joke) with electric eye wash (popping back out again)

Yeah, I shoulda specified, not these, but these.

I usually unplug mine from the stove before spraying with cleaner
Also I’ve used SoftScrub to no damage
Easy Off makes a surface spray cleanser - that would work well because it’s designed to cut thru cooked on gunk

Thanks for the response!


Those “magic eraser” sponges would probably do well also - those things do a surprisingly good job at getting the carbonized gunk out of the burner pans.

Electric saline?

Sea bananas.

With Atomic Tissues.

Your Killer Dynamo Robot will thank you.

I have never heard the heating elements from an electric stove called electric eyes before.

Me either. I thought see had some fancy electrical sensing device on the stove.