How to come off Zoloft without ill side effects - Above Doctor's advice.

50 mg Zoloft once a day. It was good for a while, but the weight gain and no feeling of emotion (i.e. no ups and downs just -----------------------).

Doc says cut the pill inhalf for 3 days and you’ll be fine. I call bullshit. A good friend did this with Lexapro and went through hell for 2 weeks.

Would this titration be more effective to quell the nastiness of the withdrawl?:

Cut pill in half for 10 days, then half of a half for another 10 days?


Cute a 1/4 off pill for a week, then another 1/4 off for one week…then 1/4 for a week and then nothing? Will this do anything to quell the ill effects?

This is NOT advice. This is simply telling you what I did. I just stopped taking it. After a day or two of feeling weird, I was fine. Better in fact than when I was taking it, as I think it had stopped working for me. I had been on 100mg/day for social phobia/anxiety. I missed a couple days by accident. I decided to skip the next few just to see how I felt. After week off, I felt so good, much better than I had felt when I was taking it.

When my sister came off of Lexapro, she had a terrible time. She tried coming off slowly and it was agonizing. I think Lexapro is a much more difficult drup to stop taking.

This is also not medical advice.

You’re on a relatively low dose of Zoloft, so you shouldn’t have as much of a problem as your friend. I’ve been on both 100s and 50s; when I went off my 50s, the doc told me to cut the pill in half for a week, then take the half-pill every other day for a week, then stop. Zoloft doesn’t stay in your system nearly as long as the other brands, so you should be just fine.

Yes I’ve heard it doesn’t stay in your system for long…So the half life should be relatively short…

I would definitely call this asking for medical advice, which is why I’m closing this thread.