How to contact a US servicemember?

I would like to contact some old Army buddies I knew 10 years ago and see how they’re doing… in most cases I only know their names. I think I know units for a couple of them, and I can guess what rank they might be. I tried calling their units, but the only information I could get is “That battalion is not in town right now. Try again later” (couldn’t even find out if “later” meant next week or next year).

All I want to do is send the guys a letter or email. Is there any way to do that without violating national security?

All branches have a locator service. I located an old friend of mine who was retired by using this. Don’t know if it would work for active duty or not. Basically, you send your info to the locator and they forward it to the other person. It’s then up to the other person to contact you if they wish.

Or you can try sending email to “first initial last name” at You might get a hit if they don’t have common names.