Military Mail Delivery question

There is someone I would like to send a letter to, however I do not know his entire APO address.

I know his name (duh!) and his occupation within the Army
I know his Regiment, but not his Battalion
I know he is APO AE, but not his “zip” code.

I am not close friends with this person, so I don’t know who I could contact that would have the complete information. I saw in our high school newsletter he is deployed, and would like to send best wishes. Does my letter have any hope of being delievered?

Without the specific unit information and APO number, slim to none. It would be like sending a letter to “John Smith, Tucson, AZ”. The Army probably has a locator service, but I’m too lazy to look for it this morning.

What do you mean by you know his APO AE but not the zip code??

The APO number is the zip code. And the +4 of the zip code is the last four of his 4 digit unit number.

Email me as much information as you have on him. I will do what I can to get a message to him and see if it’s ok that you send him something.
The Military has a world wide locator, but as far as I know, it is currently restricted to DOD personnel. (You know… cause of terrorists and what not…)

Anyway… I would love to help. And if you have is first and last name and that other information, I know I can find him on the World Wide Locator. Unfortunately, I can’t just give you that info – AFAIK.
But like I said, I wouldn’t mind getting in touch with him/her for you!! And actually, you might have enough information already. If all you’re missing is like a tiny bit of the address, I will give you the missing pieces.

my email is



I mean that I know he is “Apo AE” (Army Post Office - Army Europe) as opposed to FPO or APO AP. I do not know his zip. I will email you later when I have a chance – thanks!

I sent him an email. Hopefully he’s not the type who never checks his Army email. We’ll give it a couple days and see if he responds. If not, we’ll try something else.