How do I send mail to an army address from overseas?

I’d like to send letters to my “adopted soldier” in Kuwait while I’m in Peru this summer. How should I address the letter - should I include the APO code and add “United States Army”, or should I include the camp where he’s stationed, or something else entirely?

I think you should treat it like any other letter you’d mail to the United States. As I understand it, that’s what an APO code is–a point in the United States. All APO mail gets sent to Maine (or wherever), at which point the U.S. Postal Service turns it over to the Army for its own handling.

I am sure someone will be along to correct whatever inaccuracies lie in that explanation, but I think that’s essentially how it works.

Some info you might find useful.

Under the APO AE line, you put USA. The USA stands for United States of America.

In case anyone’s wondering, the reason you put USA on the bottom line is because the APO and FPO addresses are USA domestic addresses, no matter where the unit is actually located.