How to cook cullen skink for one?

Paging the chefs! One of the local dishes I really enjoy is cullen skink. Unfortunately all the recipes I’ve found are for 4+ people. How can I reasonably scale it down for one? Or will it keep in the fridge for re-heating later?

Or should I pig out and have the whole thing myself for a main meal instead? :slight_smile:

Pig out is always an option!

Looking over the various recipes, it looks like it could be halved without too much difficulty. Or make a full batch and freeze the left-overs for later.

I have a cookbook I bought close to 30 years ago. I think it’s called A Wee Scottish Cookbook. There’s a recipe for cullen skink in it that I’ve always wanted to try, but I’ve never known where to get finnan haddie.

Hm. There doesn’t appear to be any actual skink in cullen skink…

Wikipedia says you can substitute: “An authentic Cullen skink will use finnan haddie, but it may be prepared with any other undyed smoked haddock.”

What’s a skink?

I’ve never made it, but just looking over the recipes I’ve found online it looks like something that would freeze perfectly well. No reason not to make an over-large (for one) batch and save for another day.

How about finding undyed smoked haddock in the US? I won’t say I have looked that hard but definitely not at my local grocery store. Any tips?

I can’t even find frozen haddock here, let alone smoked haddock.

That same article says a skink is a shin, which is something you might make soup from. But why a soup made from fish would acquire the name is a mystery.

Neither is there any Cullen, to my disappointment. But then, who’d want his lunch to go all sparkly if the sun comes out?

Yes, I had never heard of Cullen Skink before and had to look it up to make sure it wasnt prepared with lizards. :eek: