Smoked Kippers - what to do with 'em?

On a whim I picked up a can of these Smoked Kippers - never had them before - if you’re a fan how do you like to prepare/use/eat them?

I like em right out of the can.
A little onion and maybe some hot sauce wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Heat them in butter and eat them with scrambled eggs.

I just eat them straight out of the can. When I’m feeling fancy I put them on a plate.

Grill them lightly with a dot of butter, then eat them with soda bread. That’s a British grill, by the way. I’m not recommending that you put them on the barbecue.

Out of the can, on a cracker, with some cheese on the side as well. With beer.

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast!

Is it St. Swithin’s Day already?

On sliced baguette.

On a soda cracker, in front of a campfire with a cold soda to wash it down. And s’mores for dessert. :slight_smile:

You have them for breakfast, mummy dear.

Break them up and toss with salad, you can use the juices for dressing.


Replied Aunt Helga.

Straight outta the can.

My grandpa’s recipe:

Put some butter in a pan and lightly brown some chopped yellow onion. Once done, dump the kippers in and stir (you’re trying to break the fish up)

Serve over toasted (and if you’re feeling indulgent, lightly buttered) English muffins.

I love 'em that way.

They make you regular.

Just saying.

I presume these come packed in oil and are moist and juicy.

What do you recommend for smoked kippers that come in vacuum-packed plastic bags (the really salty variety)? Usually, I get a baguette and some sweet butter and eat that with chunks of the fish.

On “MASH,” Charles once got smoked kippers from home and sauteed them together with scrambled eggs. Seems to me that would be overly salty… No? :confused:

Fry them in butter and eat them with scrambled eggs! :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re much better than the kind in a tin, but the bones are a pain.

Some people really dig the salt.

Right out of the can. Mmm mmm goodness.