What goes with kippers?

Smoke me a kipper, Skipper. I’ll be back for breakfast.

I just snacked on a kipper fillet (from a tin I bought at Trader Joe’s), when it occured to me that I’ve always eaten kippers without anything else. I’ve cooked “fresh” (i.e., not tinned) kippers in butter. I’ve eaten them out of the can. But it’s always been just kippers.

So what’s good with them? Kippers and eggs? Kippers and toast? What goes with kippers?

corpses…lol, i love fawlty towers :slight_smile:


Hm. Maybe I should have foregone the Red Dwarf quote. I’d really like to know what’s good with kippers.

Salty potato chips. Saltine crackers. Hot mustard. Eggs. Steamed rice. Beer. Ice cold seltzer water. Toast and butter. Submarine Sandwich hot peppers. Tobasco sauce or any hot sauce. Strong tea.

Kippers can be heated you know and served up with eggs and fried potatoes?

The only thing the cooking site I go to (Epicurious.com, good site) came up with under “kipper” is Potato and Kipper Gratin.

One layer of sliced potatos, one layer of kippers, onions and capers, another layer of potatos, pour cream over, bake.
I thought it was kippers and eggs, tradionally? (Trying to think of the lyrics the British songs, which is basically my only reference.)

Kippers traditionally go with poached eggs. I don’t like eggs, so I always ordered my kippers on toast. My ex wouldn’t allow me to cook kippers in our flat–imagine that.

For the Real Kipper Experience, take a trip to western Scotland and go somewhere you can get kippers that were smoked on the premises. It’s even worth not getting snogged by your partner for the time it takes for your bad breath to dissipate.

Indeed! I like smoked salmon. Here in So. Cal. all I can find is vacuum-packed, dried out smoked salmon that only has any flavour at all because of all of the coarse-ground pepper on it. In Coastal Washington, I can get salmon smoked on-site that is so flavourful it can’t be described. (Resisting the Lovecraftian urge to describe it anyway. :wink: )

Omnivore: The eggs sound good. It’s been months (years? I can’t remember) since I’ve bought eggs though. (When I have them, it’s when I go out to breakfast.) But so far that sounds about the best.

betenoir: Sounds good until you get to the cream. I’ve never been into fish and milk together. I don’t even like cheese on my fish tacos.