How to develop your very own case of Arachnophobia

I wish I’d come across a thread like this a couple of weeks ago, yet am also glad I didn’t.

A couple of weeks ago, I started to get a couple of little bites on the top of my left foot. The weather had gotten a bit cooler and we’d been sleeping with the windows open (with screens), so I’d frequently thrown off my covers at night. I’d attributed the bites (itchy little bumps) to an errant mosquito that had somehow gotten into my room, although I never actually saw it.

Fast forward a week. One or two itchy bumps on the top of my foot had transformed into several itchy bumps on the tops of both of my feet. The weather had grown even cooler, which meant I was covered all night, especially my feet.

Even though we hadn’t brought any new furniture into the house, or stayed overnight anywhere in the past couple of weeks, I checked all the sheets and mattresses in the house for what I feared would be bed bugs, but didn’t find any sign of them. Not one (for which I am grateful). The indoor cats are all treated monthly with Advantage, and none of them were stratching or excessively grooming and we didn’t see any fleas anywhere. So, I was able to rule out bed bugs and fleas.

Yesterday morning, I stripped my bed like I do every Friday morning to wash the sheets. I balled them up on the top of my mattress while I took a shower, intending to take them to the washer when I was finished showering. When I came back into my room to get the sheets, there was a spider about the size of a nickel on the edge of my mattress.

Suddenly, the bites on my feet made sense.

Yesterday, I made a trip to the hardware store for bug foggers–figured I’d better do the entire house, rather than just my room. The lady there informed me that because of the excessive rain we’ve been having in my area (south central PA–lots of area flooding and record breaking rainfall), ants and spiders and creepy crawlies have been a huge problem this fall. I bought my bug foggers and we removed the cats and Hallboy and I set off bug foggers and left the house for the required 2 hour minimum.

Last night as the house was airing out and I was cleaning up, I counted SEVEN dead spiders in my bedroom alone. Yes, seven. That doesn’t count the ones which I may have vacuumed up while doing the floors or the curtains. Nor does it count the ones which I vacuumed up downstairs or in other rooms upstairs. I seriously have no clue how I missed so many spiders in my house. (I should note that I do not have a ton of clutter–no stacks of stuff anywhere, no great accumulation of collectibles–and I keep a pretty clean house. You could eat off my kitchen floor and my counters are spotless, and the bathroom is throughly cleaned every week. Hell, the entire house is cleaned top to bottom every week.)

Last night, no bites.

As a side note here, I couldn’t figure out why the TOP of my feet were getting bitten, until shortly before drifting off to sleep last night, I realized that I sleep nearly completely on my stomach, with the tops of my feet pressed nearly against the mattress. I’m just grateful that at this point, none of the bites have become infected. They look just like mosquito bites…

If you weren’t feeling buggy before you read this thread, I’m sure you are now. You’re welcome. :smiley:

I’m sure my place is packed with spiders. It seems that up here is The Kingdom Of The Spiders. There’s one in my bedroom near the (in-op) fireplace that’s a little too fast for me to catch. No doubt there are some false black widows under the couch I’m on right now. As long as they stay hidden, I’m OK with them. Haven’t had any bites.

Here’s a Giant House Spider I caught August 31st (posted previously, so you may have seen it already). ‘Giant’ House Spider? Well, it’s a decent size; but ‘giant’? I don’t think so.

Any bites you received were unlikely to be spider bites.

Spider bites or not, all I know is that there were (what is now up to EIGHT) dead spiders in my bedroom (just my bedroom–not counting other rooms of the house), and one confirmed spider in my bed.

And last night after bug bombing the house, I didn’t get any bites on my feet or elsewhere.

You might’ve killed other bugs. After all, there were lots of spiders in the house for a reason, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to feast on your flesh. :wink: They won’t hang out somewhere that’s far from food.

OMG. I’ve just been vacuuming up dead SPIDERS, not other bugs. I’ve just killed the only predator that’s been keeping me alive from the other things that were attempting to eat me.

What have I done? What have I done???

Please note, I do not want any bugs in my home, spiders or whatever they’re eating. If said bugs or other creepy crawlies appear, I will not hesitate to use any means necessary to ensure their little bug butts are killed dead.

On next week’s Curiosity program they are going to investigate all the critters living on Mike Rowe. Show appears on Discovery at 9PM E/P.

I think spiders are the least of your worries!

After using a bug bomb in the entire house, last night while lying in bed, there was a live spider on my leg. (Very active little black thing.)

This morning, before I left for work, I closed off my bedroom and set off another bug bomb. This evening, I’ll be tearing apart my bed and using bug spray throughout my room.

This is after I go to the doctor–one of the “bites” on my calf is inflammed and warm to the touch.

Spiders don’t bite? Spiders in my bed, bites on my legs and feet. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…I’m just saying.

Thank you so much for making me visualize a spider the size of a duck.


I swear to og, when I threw back the blanket and saw that spider on my leg, it was the size of a duck.

Must not open thread…must not open…aarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!


Now that the spiders have been eliminated, I thought I’d check back in.

Started on antibiodics (discovered I’m allergic to sulfa antibiodics) to clear up the inflammation of the bites, removed every freaking plant in the house, bombed the house, extra bombed my bedroom, tore apart my bed and sprayed every inch of it with bug spray, washed all blankets in hot water, put my pillows in the dryer for 45 minutes, and finally, FINALLY, it appears that the spiders are gone.

It’s not like more can’t just come in, you know. :wink: