OWW !!! Something bit me !!

So there I was on Sunday night, trying to recover from a weekend at the cottage which was hilighted by a brutal cold. The chest congestion was clearing and the sinuses beginning to drain when I noticed something on my foot hurt like a MoFo.

I couldn’t find any bumps or anything which resembled an insect bite (they generally like to bite my toes, for some reason), so I gritted my teeth and tried to ignore it and went back to sleep.

In the cold light of day I still couldn’t find anything. Scrubbed the foot with all the fancy foot products I have and eventually two little red dots appeared on the bottom of my middle toe, right foot. And then the pain really began. And the swelling.

It’s now Tuesday morning and, despite all the time I spent yesterday with a bag of frozen peas on my foot, it still hurts every bit as much as yesterday. Now I’m at work, with my trusty bag of peas in the freezer in the office kitchen, looking up “What the hell could have bitten me on an island in Southern Ontario, and at what point should I be worried?” websites.

And my cold is nearly better too.

Unh. Sometimes I hate the summer.

Any other votes for alien implants?

does it have a heartbeat? lol

Seriously, probably a spider bite. Take some benedryl.

2 dots = spider bite (usually). Go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. Even if it’s not venomous, spiders are filthy and their bites get infected easily.

I was going to tell you it sounds like a classic spider bite but then I noticed someone else said it too. So hear hear I bet its a spider bite. Cortizone works.