Spider/insect bite question

I know, I know…I should ask my doctor. But I’m unemployed and I don’t have insurance.

About a week ago I stepped on somethig in my house in my bare feet. The pain was excruciating! I sat down on the floor immediately and looked to see what happened. I didn’t see the critter that got me, so I’m not sure what it was. I hope it’s dead, though. Anyway, immediately my foot began to swell. I put an ice pack on it and took some benedryl. after a couple hours the swelling reduced, but didn’t go away completely. Noww, a week later, my foot is still somewhat swollon, red, sore and very itchy. I’ve been putting benedryl gel on it during the day and taking benedryl at night, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good.

My usual philosophy is that your body is meant to heal itself and given time it will. I’m usually pretty patient, but this is getting old. How much longer can I expect this to go on?


When I was in Grad School in Arizona I was stung by a scorpion. I went to the ER and was told, to drink a lot of fluids and take benadryl. There is no Cure for the sting - It itched like hell then trobbed, then itched, then throbbed…the itch didn’t go away for nearly a month.

Sorry, this anecdote probably does nothing for you, but non-the-less it was an insect that got me, and the bite still itched for a month…So you may have some time…

Could it have been a wasp/yellowjacket? They come in houses in late fall, can’t fly that well anymore and just sit somewhere, ready to sting you when you step on them or grasp the magazine they’re on.

And after they’ve stung you, they suddenly *do * remember how to fly away, the little bastards.

Maastricht - It could’ve been a wasp. I have red ones all around outside but they’ve never tried to bother me. THey’ve getting slow and lazy around this time of year.

Phlosphr - I don’t think I have scorpions, but I killed a black widow on my front porch a couple weeks ago. However, I doubt this was a black widow bite - I think I would’ve been sicker faster. A month is a long time to an itchy foot. Did you find any relief with topical creams or sprays?