How to display flag

I have a 3’x5’ US flag. It’s an outdoor flag and has two grommets on the stars end, intended for use on a flagpole. However, I want to display it horizontally on my balcony railing, flat and fully open.

I can tie the grommets to the balcony railing, but what about the other end? I suppose some kind of clamps would do, but I have no idea what kind.

Any ideas?

Just display it vertically.

Use whichever of the following you happen to have handy:

  • from your laundry room: wooden clothespin (pincher type) drill a hole in one side of the handle for the rope.
  • from your office desk: binder clip (large size)
  • from your garage: a fishook tied to some fishing line.

A friend of mine used a long, thin piece of wood (looks like a small fence pike to me) and attached the top edge of his flag to it, then attached the wood to his railing. It looks nice, since it can still sorta flap.

The others have covered mounting techniques. I just wanted to mention if you are displaying it outside it should be lit at night.

If you display it vertically remember to flip it over (i.e. so the blue canton is in the top left of the side facing outward). Know it looks wrong but its not…

Indeed this is a pet peeve of mine. If you’re going to hang the damn flag at least know how to do it right. :mad: