How to fail at Twitter in one easy step...

This was posted by a self-serving, internet panhandling, crusty cum-covered dickwad of a professed “Christian”.

This purulent and syphilitic waste of space also habitually harasses clients at health clinics, uses 'net solicited “ministry donations” to fly to other countries bothering their citizens about “ungodly sexual deviants” (and getting arrested…) and bellows his assholery at anybody going about their own business.

Twatster, go sit n spin on an electrified, rusty Garden Weasel and spare all of humanity any more of your shit.

Thanks for sharing. Now I need to forget who that guy is.

His name reminds me of cats. Miano.

That’s a world-class example of total tone-deaf cultural insensitivity.

Christian imperialism at its fucking ugliest.

I see that the Christian evangelical street preacher has been arrested at Wimbleton and in Scotland.

Methinks he would fit in fine on a soapbox in Hyde Park, London.

I endorse this Pitting. Well done.

Why are you even seeing / receiving his tweets?

Just block and forget…

Why do we care what some random moron says - deny him an audience as much as you possibly can

Most likely because he saw an article.

Jesus Christ. While I’d have absolutely no problem if Tony Miano were hit by a bus tomorrow, way to fail at free speech, UK!

I made a donation in his honor to the Nepal relief and rebuilding effort, expressing my hope that at least part of it will go to helping local Buddhist communities and/or rebuilding a temple. :slight_smile:


You just summed up the entire internet

Wimbledon. I’ve never understood why this one is so hard for Americans. :confused: The Saxon -ton is more common in place names, sure, but -don is hardly unknown. You may have heard of London, for example.

Is that anywhere near Lonton?

And why should Americans care?

I suppose a couple of women by the name of Williams might care. But apart from them, fair comment. No Americans have done much there in 15 years :slight_smile:

Oh snap! Country dissin in the pit

Thanks to the OP, I have now heard of Tony Miano, and so have more people than before this post.

His goal is have his words reach as many ears and eyes as possible. You just helped him do that.


Until you repeated his name, I had already forgot it. I will forget it again in minutes.

In fact, I already forgot it.

We just stopped trusting you people on place-name pronunciation altogether after we found out how you pronounce Worcestershire.