How to find Netgear password?

I lost the password to my Netgear 300 wireless router.
I can get online with this laptop, because it saved the password; but, this laptop is on it’s last legs, and I’m replacing it with another one.

So, isn’t there some method that I can use to find the password from my computer?



Download the manual and restore the default password: (PDF warning).

The password doesn’t exist in your computer, unless you have the password stored with your browser.

Did you lose the password to your router or to your wireless internet?

Uhhh…actually, I think it was the wireless internet…

Assuming you have a windows computer, you can open the Network and Sharing menu. There will be an option somewhere for Managing Wireless Networks. Find the network you usually connect to and look for something about security. There will be an asterisked password and a checkbox for Show Characters. Check it and it will reveal your password. If your home is reasonably secure*, I recommend taking a piece of tape and writing the password on it and sticking it to your router.

There is another password that controls access to the router itself and that’s what Duckster gave advice for. If you don’t know that password, it’s probably admin and anyone could park across from your house and disable your security from the inside out. I would recommend changing that to something secure as well.

*I’m thinking more, roommates who don’t get to share your internet because they don’t pay reliably rather than balaclava-clad ne-er-do-wells.

Oh, and it is an XP that I’m currently using…

Router password: to input this, you normally go to your browser and type in either: or Then it will ask for your login and password.
-If you kept the default, you can try Netgear’s default: which is normally admin/password (sic), but search here for your model if that doesn’t work.
-If you changed it, the “paperclip in hole” method above is your only choice.

Wireless password: what you type in when you find the network the first time you used the device.
-If you didn’t change it, it may be on the bottom of the router, perhaps on the service tag.
-If you did change it, you can try one of these. If your router password is otherwise working as above, you can also try to reset it there, using one of the two IPs and login/password.

Thanks, guys!

I’ll try it when I get home.