How to find out if there is a life insurance policies out against your life?

A friend asked me about this, so I’m posting the question here.

She found out her abusive ex-husband still has a life insurance policy out against her life. She is speaking with an attorney to remove it but she’s worried there might be other policies as well.

She says she signed lots of documents while married to him and doesn’t remember everything she signed. She might have signed another insurance policy on her life where he is the sole beneficiary.

Any help?

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Change “your life” to “your dead relatives life” and this becomes a rather common and well-understood problem.

Here’s the most relevant one I could find:
Unfortunately, most of the advice for that situation assumes you have access to the policyholders personal information, which doesn’t sound likely in this case.

Another option is to try a policy locator service, such as this one I discovered in a web search: .