How to find the SDMB on Tapatalk (search not working)?

After a fresh install of Tapatalk on my Android tablet, I’m struggling to find the Dope there. The search function doesn’t work, it doesn’t bring up anything at all for any search term. I browsed through the categories, but didn’t find it. Please help.

Edit: Sorry this should have been in GQ. Mods, please move it over.

More of an ATMB thing, really. There have been some discussions of Tapatalk over there.

Well, that’s ok. I somehow thought I had posted it in GD.

I opened Tapatalk, used their search field, entered “straightdope”, and found it that way.

As I explicitly stated, the Tapatalk search function does not work.

That heavily implies that there is something wrong with your installation of Tapatalk, so you might want to go to their support forums instead.

I’m sorry if my response sounded snippy. What I meant to say is that Tapatalk search worked for me, so it sounds like there’s an issue on your end. Either a bad install, or a corrupted update, or something.

Well, no hard feelings, my response sounded a little harsh too, but it was out of frustration. After having problems with the board as described in this thread, BigT recommended Tapatalk as an alternative, and now I’m facing another problem. I agree that it seems like a problem with the installation, and I’ll check out their forum. Thanks.

All right, I found the SDMB manually in the categories and am posting now from Tapatalk. The non-working search seems to be a common issue with the latest version, but I wasn’t able to find a solution. But it’s ok, I only wanted to use it with the Dope, and obviously (if this post gets through) I can now.

I use Tapatalk to read 7 forums on my phone. Generally works well, but you can’t see any polls.

There’s one more strange thing. As you can see in my last post above, my board signature was added in Tapatalk. I never had that happen when posting in a browser, and I always thought that the default for the sig was ‘turned off’. How do I switch it off in Tapatalk?

(this post is also a test to see it the sig appears again)

Edit: wanted to add that I see the signature only in a browser, not in Tapatalk. Very strange.