How to Fix Broken Ice Maker

Help needed! My ice maker broke. Thing works about 15-30 minutes without making any ice. Seems that thermostat is broken. So, i need someone to check this thing up and repair, or, in the worst case, replace it. I need a quick and qualified ice maker repair. Plese help me out!

We need a lot more information. What’s the model/make? What exactly is it doing? How handy are you with this type of thing (fixing it/testing parts/using a multimeter etc)?

Also, when you say that you need a ‘quick and qualified ice maker repair’, if you mean that you need someone to come and fix it, call a local refrigeration (if a business) or a appliance (if a home) repair company and have them come take care of it. Depending on what’s wrong, they may even have the parts on their truck.

ETA: I hesitate to jump the gun and ask this, but why do you think the tstat is broken? FWIW, there are typically ways to bypass the tstat for testing.

I use sites like this one to figure out simple appliance repairs.

Often the problem is an blocked fill tube. Simple defrosting takes care of it. Also a somewhat common problem is the valve (located down near the bottom at the back). It’s a simple-ish fix.

If the tray is empty, put some water in it at the start of the cycle and see what happens. If it freezes and gets kicked out, then you know it’s the filling part.

Igloo ICE103. My friend said maybe termostat is broken. Once he had the same problem. Maybe he was wrong.


How much would a new equivalent one cost? The price of appliance repair is so high that it is not worth it to go to a professional for cheap appliances.

So try Youtube videos.

If the fill tube is blocked you can probably direct a hair blower up the fill tube and melt any ice dams that are the problem.

So, I have no money to buy the new ice maker,that’s why I’m going to make repair broken thing. I don’t want replace it. So, what do you think about local services in Santa Barbara, for example, about it or it What is better?

Assuming this thread is legitimate and not an excuse to provide those links, what do you think those companies are going to charge to repair this device? It appears that a new Igloo ICE103 is available on Amazon for under $200. I suspect these companies will charge at least $75-100 just to look at it, and obviously it will cost more if parts need to be ordered.

In short, it’s too cheap a device to invest any money in repairing it.

It looks like these things only cost about $100 brand new. I doubt you can get yours fixed through a repair shop for much less than that.

Take a look at some of the links here first to see if you can positively ID the problem yourself. Then you can determine if it is worth fixing or not.

For what it’s worth, this sitesells the thermostat for about $30 (no idea how much shipping would be). Having a repair shop replace that would end up costing you as much in parts and labor as a new unit, if not more.

As far as replacement parts I go with eBay over Amazon. There’s a large number of businesses with online stores on eBay. Long track records, enough customer reviews to get a good idea of their trustworthiness, etc.

I’ve noticed the downward spiral on replacement parts as they have to compete with each other as well as sell off stock.