how to flash around a post or outside corner.

As part of my porch fixing project, I need to flash around a 4x4 post that will portrude up from the sheathing material. I know how to flash inside corners, but not how to do the outside ones. If anyone has some diagrams I would appreciate.

Trim a “V” into the corner bend? But I admit that I’m guessing so don’t count on my answer to fight ignorance.

As easy as:


flashing outside corners in google search

it, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, that is somewhat helpful. I think I can adapt that method to work on a post instead of a dormer.

Well, first you need a long coat …

you might let in (cut a groove) in the post the top edge of the flashing fits into. if let in or on the surface you will need to caulk the top edge.

Thanks. I am planning on using an adhesive product (Protecto-Wrap ice and water guard) which should mitigate the need to caulk the top.