How to get a person to wear a GPS locator?

My dad has Alzheimers and has started to roam. I have bought him a GPS locator, but now I need to figure out how to get him to wear it. The device is 1.4" x 2.6" x .75". So even if I tell him what it is for he will forget. He has never worn a watch and it is too big to fit in his wallet. Also he has a tendency now of wanting to take everything apart and mess with stuff.

The only thing I can think of is to make a pouch in his pants and tie the device in every day so that when he puts on his pants it is there and hope he doesn’t find it. I would put it on his belt but he would take it off of there and mess with it (I could see it being put into his drink)

But I thought maybe some of you would have a better idea.

this one looks smaller than that, and might fit inside a belt, of wallet.

Project Lifesaver international puts bracelets on wanderers that allow law enforcement to find the person using radio frequencies. They claim a 100% success rate, usually within 30 minutes.

Contact your local police or sheriff’s dept for information about how to enroll.

Get one of the microscopic ones they use for pets and have it inserted under the skin somewhere.

  1. They are macroscopic (about as big a a grain of rice). My dogs have them.
  2. What purpose would it serve? They are not GPS units. They are passive.
  3. Who would do the insertion? There are ethical concerns.

Those don’t locate your pet, they identify it if it happens to be found.

Are you sure? I seem to remember when my mom was adopting a cat the lady at the store mentioned it being used as a locator.

Nope. I mean, really? A cheap transmitter the size of a grain of rice that can be located by what. . .a scanning satellite? Just a tiny chip with some info on it that can be read be a reader in close proximity.

Nope. They’re entirely passive. If your pet goes running off, they don’t actively track it. The way it works is if your dog or cat shows up at a shelter or vet’s office, the personnel will run a scanner over the pet. The chip will return an ID number, which they will look up in a database. The database will match the pet to its owner and the shelter or vet will contact the owner to notify them that their pet has been found.

Here, boy! Here! Good Dad, here’s a treat! Who’s a good boy?

I joke, but my dad had Alzheimer’s and did wander off a couple of times. My mom wisely moved them both into an assisted living home.

I wish we could’ve found a GPS to hide on him (stitch it into his pants? I hear you on the “mess with stuff”; it’s like having a three-year-old on your hands).

People don’t understand how weird he gets. His mind totally thinks in terms of what he has done his whole life which is work on stuff–he was a mechanic by trade and could fix anything. A few weeks back he was trying to put together 2 cookies that had broken in half and he knew they were parts to something. He will try to put together lids from paper cups and will get angry if you try to explain to him that it is just a lid cause in his mind it is something that goes on something and needs to be fixed.

But we are trying to keep him from roaming right now. I understand we will eventually have to put him in a home, but it is not time yet.

Oh, I forgot that my mom sort of locked him in the house… just with a latch system which your dad would get past in moments. But she also hid the car keys, and once in a while we’d find him tearing things apart to find them.

Everyone I know with Ochenschlager’s * was very sharp in real life**. Sounds like your dad, too. Makes it even more of a tragedy.
**My mom: "He has Ochenschlager’s…"
Random church member: “Ochenschlager’s?”
**My mom: "Ochenschlager’s, Altzschlager’s… whatever that disease is called. I can never remember.’
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** Oh, oh. Not good news for us here…

Is he used to carrying a cell phone? Android Latitude will allow you to track one’s cell phone. I’ve got to admit, it doesn’t always update that fast, and sometimes it’s off by a pretty good distance, but it might serve your purpose.